Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silent Pipe, Holy Pipe

(The title was Doug's idea.)

This last Friday was our ward Christmas party, where we played the pipe chimes. Doug got a video with his PDA--not great, but you can hear it.

I'm the one doing the pointing. It's hard to tell, I know!

Better pictures! (I think they're having a good time, they're just concentrating.)

That's Don Tracy's twenty-year-old Christmas sweater. Isn't it fabulous?

You can see Doug in the background, trying to film and hold a wiggly baby at the same time.

Originally I had planned something quite a bit more complicated with the bass part, but I didn't test it out with a piano player ahead of time, and we discovered that it just didn't sound right. So we improvised something simple using only three of the six low notes that we'd made. This was probably just as well, as we didn't really have enough people for three more big pipes. Most of our players were doubled up, and Tim and Don each had three.

Big thanks to everybody who helped out with this! (On both sides of the pond.)

We are finally getting some snow today. It's been cold and dry for about a week now. Andy and Kate are both fascinated by the falling flakes.


Kristen said...

It been two years and I still know those people. I miss you guys!!

Kathey said...

Great job on the chimes. :D

Helen in Australia (via Oxford) said...

Oh, wow; that sounds great. The chimes have such a nice Christmassy sound.

Mary said...

I am totally coveting that dude's sweater. WANT!

Laura Call said...

How fun! It's nice to see familiar faces... I miss HH Ward!