Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Coloring

Doug got Kate some wooden ornaments and a puzzle at Michaels. These would work with paint or markers (or even crayons, I suppose). Markers were the medium of choice.

She had me do some of the stripes on the snowman's scarf, and all the stripes on his hat. She did everything else. (I offered to get out some white paint, but she just wanted to use the gray marker.) She also wrote her name by herself.

Here's what she drew on the back. She says this is, "A Triceratops walking up a hill, and a cloud monster eating a gingerbread cookie cloud." (Doug drew the flower.)

I was impressed with the penguin! (I think she ran out of patience on the others.)

We still don't have a tree. We tend to leave it till Doug's out of school. I guess we'd better get on that soon.


Heidi said...

I love the gray for white. ;) And the gingerbread cloud monster is GREAT!

Kathey said...

Cute. Did she do Mr. Penguin all by herself? Wow.

Chris and Mandy said...

Kate's so artistic already!