Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our $6 tree

Our solution to Andy-the-climber: tabletop Christmas tree! Doug found a little cheap one for us. It came in a long skinny box, and we had to pull the branches down and fan them out.

Kate was so excited by the proceedings that she brought out her stuffed animals to watch. Andy was pretty interested, too.

Kate put on the ornaments that she colored. (See, it drops needles just like a real tree!)

I did take the price tags off the back of the ornaments after this.

Ta da! It's very red. One of our strings of colored lights wasn't working, so we have one colored string and one red string.


Heather T. said...

That works! I remember us doing the same--a little different from the traditional, but just as nice, really!

TMTCO said...

It looks beautiful! Your little ones are so cute.

Helen in Australia said...

And a happy Christmas to you all: may tomorrow be a joyous day.