Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you're happy and you know it

Just a bunch of random pictures from before Christmas. (I'm dating this earlier so it'll show up at the end of December.)

Baby Tad was one of Kate's Christmas presents when she was Andy's age. We pulled him out got him some new batteries, and Kate and Andy had some fun playing with him together. One of the songs he sings is "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." Andy started clapping.

I think this is just so cute.

Opening the advent calendar. (Only $1.00 from Trader Joe's!) Kate enjoyed doing that after lunch every day, and eating the little chocolate candy for dessert.

Andy watches Kate drawing on the back porch.

She drew a castle and a fire breathing dragon, and a knight on a white horse. That's a sky up above, with snow falling.

Making cookies! This Does Not Happen Often, so I thought we should get pictures. Kate was quite intrigued and had to taste all the ingredients.

I had to show her how to lick the beaters, because she'd never done it before. Poor deprived child.

We made up three plates of cookies to take to our neighbors, and none of them were home!

Andy conked out on the bed. We were amused by the way he had his fingers laced together.


Deb said...

These pics are so cute! I don't bake often either but I did during the holidays, Max licked one of the beaters and now I can't find it. Hmmmm. Good thing it's some kind of mutant mixer and actually has three beaters. I wonder when I'll find that rogue beater. Anyways, your kids are so adorable! I love your blog!

MamaBug said...

Love it! So cute. Since my Bob showed up with chocolate allergies, we make cookies a lot less than we used to too.