Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Andy's Tol

After opening presents we had Andy's Tol. This is a Korean custom for a child's first birthday. (Doug doesn't see much point in doing this, since we're not Korean, but I think it's kind of fun.) In case you missed it, here's Kate's Tol.

Here's the table, laid with various items representing different things:

The book was one of Andy's presents that I didn't wrap up but saved out for this, so he hadn't seen it yet.

Andy gets pointed in the right direction...

approaches table...

It looked like he was going to go for the food, but he didn't actually pick it up.

He took off after Kate's dinosaur, so Doug steered him back to the table,

whereupon he immediately picked up a coin and put it in his mouth.

Doug rescued the coin, and Andy moved on and picked up the knife.

And then back to the food!

The first and second items a child chooses are considered significant. I don't think Kate had a second item at all--after picking the food she just climbed up on the table and sat.

Money represents financial aptitude, and choosing the knife is supposed to mean that he'll be a good cook. Perhaps a culinary career?



Brandy said...

Fabulous photos and what a great tradition!! He sure is a cutie!!

Anipc said...

What a fascinating and fun idea!

Mimi said...

Good for Andy! I agree, it's a very neat tradition