Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Facebook updates

I found an application on Facebook that'll give you all your status updates for the year, so I copied and saved mine. It's like a snapshot of the whole year. Well, a rather long series of snapshots, I guess. I did trim it down but it's still pretty long. So I won't feel bad if no one actually reads this, but I just felt compelled to post it.

(These should be read with "Helena" at the beginning. If I'm not using that as part of the sentence, I'll usually separate it with dashes.)


is wondering whether she should go to church tomorrow or keep the baby home for another week.

is enjoying a raspberry yogurt.

is thankful for afternoon naps and a husband who cooks.

is having a bad time.

is typing one-handed

is chilly

is looking forward to a nap after church.

is wearing a non-maternity skirt. Yay!

is relieved to have extracted an impressive amount of obstructive material from her child's nasal passages.

needs a visit from the meal-planning fairy.

is watching Monk on hulu.

hopes she's not coming down with something.

says "새해복 많이 받으세요!"

was feeling hostile and cranky, but is much better now.


had a nice weekend with her dad visiting.

is all done reading about people eating each other.

is on hold with Adobe, listening to weird music.

is afraid her camera is broken

is off to take a nap. Yay!

just had chicken vindaloo, naan, and mango lassi. Mmmmm!

is a fan of the serial comma.

is designing again.

has been singing old Letter People songs to her daughter.

just had some yummy bacon lentil soup and is looking forward to a nap.

says, "Thanks everybody!" :)

is glad Andy is feeling better today.


needs a banana

won't be getting much done this morning.

found some nice comfy pants that she forgot she had.

is scoopin' up the field mice and boppin'em on the head.

's baby slept for six hours last night. Yay!

is surprised by the snow

is ripping out a sleeve and starting over.

hates it when something gets discontinued right when she wants to buy it.

would like to wish all her fellow students from Mr. Baker's sixth grade class a Happy Nerdy Day.

eschews obfuscation.

is ware the Ides of March.

is doing somebody else's laundry.

found out Doug only has one class for spring quarter. This is not good.

wonders why the stuffed animals have decided to hold a convention on the kitchen floor.

found a pin in the carpet. Ouch!

has a nice clean baby.

is stunned.

thinks that word doesn't mean what you think it means.

grew up with the "eensy weensy" spider, but now has succumbed to saying "itsy bitsy" more often than not.

is finding out if a four-year-old can learn to play Uno.


--Brandon Sanderson just offered my brother a job! Woot!

is wondering what it takes to get into a class at the Bead Factory.

is home from the funeral.

thinks that people who can't spell should not create quizzes on Facebook.

wonders if it's really worth it to spend so much time on a fiddly extraction in Photoshop.

Mmmm... bacon....

eagerly awaits the invention of the self-cleaning house.

actually had a dream last night about creating a Facebook quiz--"How pedantic are you?" I just might do it.

--Kate got Doug to play house with her, and put him to bed under the kitchen table. Now he's snoring.

has been cleaning up vomit, but does not have to go visiting teaching. (TMI?)

is the only one awake in the house right now.

opened the windows. (!!!)

is catching up on Chuck.

is helping Doug make gnocchi. Kate is helping too. :)

has the tired, achy, tickly-throat, throbbing-head, staying-home-from-church-today blues.

hopes her daughter will learn to engage other children that she meets in public, rather than just barking at them.

neglected to advise her daughter *not* to fill the Playmobil kangaroo's pouch with Play-Doh.


finished up a big project, just in time for National Scrapbook Day. :)

is tired of the hair-washing battles.

has new Korean neighbors! 재미있겠다!

wants to go to the park and take pictures for Children's Day. If it stops raining.

is sorting and purging.

discovered (yesterday) that she can carry a screaming four-year-old and push a shopping cart at the same time.

is thankful for her mom!

notices light.

made 김치찌게 for dinner!

is thinking that perhaps the baby doesn't like kimchi.

loves having a computer that can handle having Photoshop and Digital Photo Pro open at the same time.

knows a lot about tweetle beetles.

is pleased to be well-stocked with frozen peaches.

--Kate is channeling Rudyard Kipling again.

had a nice day downtown enjoying the sunshine, and then taking pictures of the neighbor kids playing outside.

--it's another gorgeous warm day. And they mowed the lawn this morning. Almost smells like summer.

probably shouldn't eat so many Triscuits.

had a fun (and long) day in Seattle with the family.

is recovering from all that walking around yesterday.

Kate + neighborhood water fight = not a good combination.


was awakened in the middle of a dream of sitting across from Ben Browder and telling him a very long story. (He was listening nicely.)

--Andy rolled over!

doesn't really care for the bright Kool-Aid colors palette that all the stores seem to using for their summer clothes.

is thankful for near misses.

is feeling clever this morning.

is enduring "Puff the Magic Dragon" over and over and over and over and over and over....

has been playing with a very stinky marker.

wonders if Middlemarch was a good pick for book club. My brain got hung up last night on "not less unhesitatingly." Still not sure if I got it right.

is impressed by how well Kate is reading. (Mom brag!)

doesn't do the cold shower thing well. Bah.

thinks Kate isn't really still sick--she's just angling for more 7-up.

finally got to see Court Jester. Cute movie.

had my dad cut my hair. It's a bit shorter than I was planning.

made it home after two weeks in Ohio--due to thunderstorms in Chicago we were delayed and missed our connecting flight--got in at 1:30 am instead of 6:15 pm. Oy. Happy to be reunited with my bed and my high-pressure shower.

would like to point out that there's a big difference between stripping the parking lot and striping it.

is looking forward to being reunited with her luggage.

wants to give Continental Airlines a big sloppy wet kiss.

is home from Andy's six-month checkup. More shots.

is looking forward to bed!

Happy half-birthday to my kiddos!

figured out you can tag people (in photos) who aren't actually on Facebook. Hee hee!

is swamped with photos. Swamped!

was outside talking to three little neighbor girls, and noticed that all four of us were wearing nearly the same shade of light green. We are stylin'.

--some days all you can do is keep moving the screaming child back to Time Out.


is pleased that Andy's doing so well napping in his crib.

--Kate has been such a stinker today. Trying to figure out if it's food-related. Yesterday's sausage? The red dye in the colored goldfish crackers?

thinks her children have become jaded from too much picture-taking.

thinks we may have left Kate's swimsuit in Ohio.

--Kate noticed one of Andy's dimples and said, "Andy has a hole in his elbow!" Ha.

is off to read Warbreaker and take a nap!

wants to paint some walls.

has been head-down in crocheting all day, and watching Journeyman on hulu.

was thinking about the time I realized I didn't know how to pronounce "dais," and then it occurred to me that I haven't run across that word recently. Are writers not into daises these days?

finished watching Journeyman, but only has about 60% of this sweater done.

trying to keep baby's hands out of his mouth while I'm feeding him. Messy messy.

had to reinstall Windows... now to reinstall programs and figure out how to get my Korean IME pad back. Again.

had a fun afternoon at the zoo. (Haven't been there since last year!) Hopefully we got Kate all tired out so she'll go to sleep at a decent time tonight.

--Kate says "Zebras don't have talents." Ha.

thinks they're so cute when they're asleep.

--You know how you get woken up in the wrong stage of sleep, and then you feel all limp and barely mobile?

is playing the obscure movie quote game. "Rat soup! Again, rat soup! At least she could use a different rat!"

wonders if she should let the neighbor girls know that those "squeaky toys" they keep asking to borrow (to fill their water balloons with) are actually for cleaning out the baby's nose.

finished reading Warbreaker (good story) and is considering going back to Middlemarch. A house full of books and nothing to read.

taught Kate to say "Anybody want a peanut?" in response to "No more rhymes now, I mean it!"

, just before waking, dreamed of regaling a room full of people with a rousing rendition of "Canada's Really Big." That was odd.

is blocking a sweater.

--I think we need a career counselor. Something besides the LDS employment center.

--Kate seems to have picked up something akin to a Northeastern "a." Not sure where she got that from.

is easily distracted by the lure of online crochet patterns.

--so many cool projects, so little time.

broke out the frozen peaches and put on Schoolhouse Rock.

suspects that Andy doesn't like peas.

has decided there's little point in looking at black skirts online, since they pretty much just all look like black blobs.

's brain is buzzing.

is playing "Let's go on a bear hunt" with Kate and two neighbors. Fun!

is home from hot hot Portland. Apparently it hasn't been any cooler here.

has the doors closed, windows covered, and fans running. Now if I can just keep the kids from driving me nuts.

is listening to Heywood Banks's "Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig" over and over and over. (Kate's choice.)

Yup, it's 101 degrees. This does not happen.

--Doug's been making Tinker Toy windmills to put in front of the fan. Wheee!

is thinking about dyeing.


had a dream about watching a TV show with a super hero who could run really fast, but only backwards.

finished a sweater. Too hot to wear it.

has been painting a luna moth.

--the song of the day is Pink Martini's "Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler" (over and over and over and over)

has a baby who likes to eat paper.

enjoyed watching Lost in Austen.

thinks the spell checker should be able to guess what I mean when my fingers get shifted over one key.

is holding down the fort today while Doug gets to take the Precious Metals Clay class at the Bead Factory--finally!

just broke the tip off the cloak pin that Doug made yesterday. Oops.

wonders why Andy is spitting up so much this week.

had a Korean mug break in the dishwasher. Now we're down to three. (It seems to be the day for breaking things.)

wonders if she should discourage the baby from chewing on her Salt-Water Sandals.

is amused that "Kids who swear on BYU campus" only has two members.

--Grammar question: Is it "averse to the idea" or "aversed to the idea"? Google is not immediately helpful. (My initial inclination is to go with "aversed," but I'm not really sure.)

should post grammar questions more often.

is rearranging things. (Prelude to... gasp... decorating?)

is surprised by how long Andy is sleeping (and in what position--it doesn't look entirely comfortable!)

can't remember if Doug's hurdy gurdy has always sounded that bad.

has an idea, but it involves getting a few nice pictures of my kids together. Possible?

sees bacon soup in the near future.

's goal for this morning: get everyone ready for church with a minimum of screaming.

note to baby: items found on the floor are usually not edible.

is smelling what Doug is cooking. Mmmmmm.

would like to point out that there's no "e" in "lightning."

got home from Korea (the first time) sixteen years ago today.

맛있는 냉면을 잘 먹었어요. 넘넘넘!

is frogging that sleeve. Rip-it! Rip-it!

--"Possible, probable, my fine hen, She lays eggs in the relative when. She doesn't lay eggs in the positive now, Because she's unable to postulate how."

ate her morning oatmeal while playing balloon-bat at the same time. Multi-tasking!

thinks Andy's first word is probably going to be "No, no!"

ate seven tacos at the neighbor's party. Muy delicioso.

dreamed of mural painting. (Sort of. It was actually a dream about a big blank wall, but it was the *idea* of mural painting.)


is making some good progress sorting and organizing, and making a big mess in the process.

has an eight-month-old today. Whoa. (And a four-years-and-eight-months-old!)

's banana this morning had a slight helical twist to it.

is never going to get the pictures I want. I get the kids ready and the sun comes out. Grrrrrr.

--We went out to the fairgrounds to submit some entries, had car trouble, went to Walmart to buy duct tape, carried out a screaming four-year-old, and then crashed Cousin Lonnie's ward picnic. Whew!

is going to get better at Adobe Illustrator.

is doodling. Doodle-doodly-do.

loves it when Andy sleeps through my shower. Which would be less impressive if I didn't take such long showers.

needs to give the baby a bath. Amazing how grubby one can get from scooting around on the floor.

Another successful pot of bacon soup!


--Poor Kate got her first bee sting and her first paper cut all in one week.

is wearing a Newfoundland T-shirt today and thinking of St. John's.

loves vector graphics.

just spent more money.


gets annoyed when people pronounce Robinson Crusoe like "Caruso." I blame Gilligan's Island.

dreamed about Korea again.

Is watching The Dresden Files on hulu and crocheting little red flowers.

got married 13 years ago today!

is unmoved by Andy's heartbroken wails; I will not let him eat the phone cord.

is listening to Doug reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to Kate and translating it into German on the fly.

has been vectorizing more sea creatures.

is back from the fair--two blue ribbons and a red for the Jole family!

is trying not to be too amused that Kate named the two monsters on the Square Meal game "Spit" and "Horny."

and Doug are making bacon soup again. Mmmmm.

has been cutting out Tyrannosaurus teeth. Fiddly work.

--nothing like a little de-cluttering in the morning.

and Doug substituted in Kate's Primary class today. We were prepared for five kids, but only had two (including Kate). Well, when I say "we," I mean that Doug did everything. I led the kids on a bear hunt.

is amazed at the difference dusting the TV stand makes.

--board games go a lot faster when you use a 20-sided die.

is not having oatmeal this morning. We're out of raisins and bananas. Garsp.

needs a dresser that doesn't smell funny.

is pondering the difference between "awake" and "awaken." Thoughts? One transitive, one not?

is crocheting again.

sings "We feed the baby garlic, so we can find him in the dark...."

finds Charlie and Lola charming and funny.

is catching up on last night's Relief Society broadscast.

has a disappointing mineola.

tried the smoky Dorset Red chedar with honeycrisp apple, but thinks in this case the regular Tilamook medium cheddar works better. The smoky stuff was overpowering the apple. Can't have that.

has her things back from the fair. Yay!

is not going to give her daughter potato chips for breakfast.

would like to inform anyone who cares that the Korean traditional dress is called hanbok, not hambok. Thank you.

should have washed that red blanket by itself.


's monitor has gone fuzzy again. It's an intermittent thing.

thinks people who publish books should be able to tell the difference between a tapir and a capybara. Really.

puts pink socks on her baby boy.

wonders why big Sharpie markers stink so much more than the regular ones.

had a yummy lunch at Bombay Bistro.

, reading The Eyre Affair, is amused by the idea of evangelistic Baconians, and by the phrase "mad as pants."

--Conference, crochet (making another pumpkin hat) and later, bacon soup!

caught up on last week's Psych on hulu. Was surprised to see Urkel.

knows the difference between discreet and discrete.

is watching the Nutcracker sequence on Fantasia with Kate, while she dances around with her stuffed Triceratops.

finally got rid of that wicker shelf thing in the entryway and hung my Korean fans up on the wall. I have missed them.

saw a spectacular stack of lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier today. Very cool.

does not want to get sick.

just had the best pear ever.

may be getting a cold sore. Possibly two.

--the gunkiness, it vexes.

is watching Kate act out "How the Camel got his Hump" with the animals from her Playmobil nativity set.

Kate says, "I'm an ornithomimus! I'm an omnivore."

finished reading I, Coriander and enjoyed it a lot (but was puzzled by the author's apparent lack of familiarity with the subjunctive mood).

is feeling quite a bit better, but still coughing every so often.

got up at 6:00. Not by choice.

has eaten the plums that were in the icebox, and which you were probably saving for breakfast.

, seized by one of those subversive parenting whims, decided to teach her daughter the "Comet, it makes your mouth turn green" song.

is thankful for a husband who brings her yummy pears.

--Kate's not feeling well. Hope it's not the flu.

is having a fuzzy-monitor day again. Sometimes entire days go by with no fuzz. The intermittent nature of the problem is what keeps me putting off buying a new one. That and the fact that I don't really want a flat panel monitor. Alas.

--Kate seems to be feeling a lot better. She's sitting up and playing on the computer. I finally got a shower and started some laundry. Yay.

just remembered that it's Mole Day. Happy Mole Day, everyone! :)

got involved in an impromptu family ravioli-making party. Trying not to bonk Andy in the head while turning crank on pasta machine.

has noticed that Kate doesn't seem to be hearing very well the past few days. I hope it's just the ear infections.

thanks Cerello's Pizza for dinner.

is going to be an Aunt again! :)

had a getting-things-done sort of day.

hardly ever loses her car keys, but misplaces her hairbrush regularly.

's apartment has entirely too many cords in it for a free-ranging ten-month-old.

is the only one in the family who doesn't have a four-letter nickname. I feel left out.

needs to take Andy's Saturday pictures before it gets dark. Wake up, kiddo!


is sewing on buttons.

enjoyed feeding Andy potato cake and avocado. Andy says it is his best meal ever.

is researching monitors.

--Doug just clocked Andy standing unassisted for twelve seconds. I don't think I'm ready for this.

just found out that the moon looks upside down from the southern hemisphere. Somehow this particular bit of information had escaped my attention before.

finally updated Andy's photo on my blog sidebar. Yeah, he's not five weeks old anymore.

located another bag of peaches in the recesses of the freezer. Yay!

needs to know if anyone is planning on coming to book club tomorrow.

is thankful for Arabic numerals.

--Kate found my sushi mats in the kitchen drawer. She says they are snakes, and she has named them Wensleydale and Baloney.

--Doug just came home with our first box of Satsumas of the season. Mmmmm. 귤을 많이 많이 먹겠다!

only has two satsumas left. Grief.


got the last leek at Fred Meyer. Time for more bacon soup! (And another box of satsumas!)

has four weeks to read Little Dorrit. Can I do it?

--It turns out that tuning copper pipe is trickier than you might think.

thinks it's funny how Dickens can introduce a character, describe them in great detail, and follow them for pages and pages before naming them.

--Doug found me a no-sugar ham! Squeeeee! I have beans.

is chilly.

is making ham and bean soup and watching Our Mrs. Reynolds.

--Now I have "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" on continuous loop in my head.

thinks the decision to spell hamster as "hampster" should be made deliberately--not because one believes that is actually how it is spelled.

is impressed with the amount of keema matar Kate ate for dinner.

is not in Seattle at Brandon Sanderson's book signing. Bummer.

is listening to Great Big Sea on CBC Radio 2.

is on OnePrettyThing! Wheeee!

just realized that not only the BOM but also the D&C has been re-translated in Korean... which means that Section 4 which I memorized is different now.

--Andy learned how to clap today. So cute. (But then, we are genetically predisposed to think that anything he does is adorable.)

is somewhat reluctantly getting back on schedule after a five-day weekend.


spies some sunshine!

hopes Kate's temperament improves this afternoon.

is laughing at Kate laughing at "kittens inspired by kittens."

is distracted. Tried to give a Hyland's teething tablet to the wrong kid.

would prefer not to tear the house apart looking for Kita the Crocodile. I'm sure she'll turn up eventually. I would appreiate it if Kate would find something else to play with right now.

has some bass clef pipe chimes! Many thanks to Tim Beecher and family. :)

and Kate have decimated almost an entire block of muenster cheese in one day.

's apartment manager just came by and said we need to keep the water in our kitchen sink on continuous trickle till the temperatures go back up.

loves the smell of sesame oil.

regrets, at times like these, putting bookcases over the heating vents in the living room.

--Kate just made a story called "The Spooky Halloween Succession." I have no idea where she learned this word. Or what she thinks it means.

has located the missing library book.

--It's my mom's birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!

made cookies and tried to take them to three neighbors yesterday, and none of them were home!

finished reading Till We Have Faces.

got five pink balloons and one blue one, for Kate and Andy's birthday tomorrow. (Of course, Andy's too little to actually *play* with a balloon....)

did Andy's 돌--he picked the money and then the knife. (He probably would have gone for the food if he hadn't just snarfed down a big chunk of panettone.)

always runs out of hummus before lavash.

--now Kate's channeling Jack Prelutsky.

is pretty sure the new decade doesn't start for another year.

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This is really cool- I should update my status more!! :)

6p00e00997d1308833 said...

There's year in review scrapbook page in there somewhere.

I used the collage templates in the app. to save mine for each month, and may print them as 6x6 or 8x8 to create a mini book.

I played around with a couple, adding photos in PSE too.

kristi said...

would you mind sharing where you found this? would love to do the same. thanks!

Helena said...

Here it is: I wasn't sure if it was for 2009 or for the current year, but it looks like it's 2009, so it'll still work. Go through the collage thing and then pick "choose different statuses," and it'll give you all of them for the whole year.

sbascom said...

Thanks for the addy. Little Brat is here at Panera Bread (Internet connection is scheduled at the Lake House on Monday) reading over my shoulder and wanted it. Your list almost makes me want to sign up for Facebook (gasp from the daughter beside me--apparently the notion is horrifying). Almost.

Wingnut said...

I'm a little afraid to try it on my facebook. It would likely be very short and very lame :) Unlike yours!

Mimi said...

This is a brilliant idea, I should do it myself.

And, I'm thinking I'll do a Middlemarch readaloong in Lent.

Barbie said...

Fun to read, especially because I currently cannot access facebook.

Your 4-letter nickname depends on how you spell it-- Nana or Nayna, although I do prefer the Y.

MamaBug said...

Love this. It was a fun read. I did the quick version to post on FB, but I need to go back and print the whole list! Thanks for the idea!