Sunday, December 14, 2008

Six quirks

I've been tagged by Ida. Someone did tag me with this six quirks thing a while ago, and I couldn't think of six. But I've been filing things away in my brain since then, so here goes.

1. I almost always play computer games with the sound off. (Not that I play a lot of computer games these days, after discovering Photoshop.)

2. I often eat things without condiments. (Partly because of my food problems, but not entirely.)

3. It takes a great concerted effort on my part not to pronounce ostrich as "ostridge." I sure don't know why.

4. When eating almonds, I like to kind of rub the point into the corner of my lips before putting it in my mouth. It's like a tactile tic. Actually I just did this with a saltine cracker, too, so I guess it's not just almonds.

5. I get a kick out of that tight-turn maneuver where you crank the steering wheel around with one hand and then let it spin back through your hands. I remember admiring the technique as a child, and always get a little thrill when I get to do it.

6. When doodling animals, I almost always start with the ear. I mentioned this to my mom once and she said she does the same thing, so I guess I got it from her.

Ummmm... I hate choosing people to tag. Anyone feeling quirky?


Lara said...

Great list!

You have me sitting here saying ostrich over and over again...and to my dismay, I think I have the same problem you do!

Freer Family said...

Fun list!
I play games with the sound off as well!

Mimi said...

I am going to think about you everytime I do that neato thing with my steering wheel.

Anonymous said...

I'm quirky! I was just thinking about some of my quirks lastnight. I like to have things in sets. If it's a set, I'm more likely to buy it, or try to collect it. I like to leave doors open. I have a low tolerance for goofiness, much to my daughter's dismay. I'm working on it.

Dean and Ida said...

i like the steering wheel thing too!! i hate choosing people too, maybe that is another quirk. ;-)

iris said...

Fun quirks!
Re. quirk #2, I have noted that salad dressing has been a major exception. I do recall, however, that you usually do eat at least some salad with your salad dressing. :-P