Saturday, December 20, 2008


We don't get a lot of snow around here. When we do, it usually doesn't last long. But now we're going on a week of the white stuff. These were taken on Thursday:

The forecast snow storm began this afternoon. We were out in it picking up our Christmas tree (yes, nothing like leaving things till the last minute). I was disappointed about the ward party being canceled, but it looks like it was for the best. In fact, we just got the word that they've canceled church tomorrow, too.

The snow is coming down but it's not particularly windy, so maybe we'll get lucky and the power will stay on. We've got some wood, just in case. We do have a fireplace but we've never used it.

Stay warm!


Heather T. said...

No snow here... but 60 mph winds!! No doubt a dark day tomorrow--why is it the electricity always goes out overnight? =)

Lara said...

Wow! Crazy times up in the PNW.

KAte is adorable in her coat, and I'm sure she's loving all the snow!

The Empty Envelope said...

Cute!! We're a bit snowed in right now. And we usually handle snow pretty well in MN! LOL!!!

Lynn said...

Cute pics of Kate in her coat - looks like she is enjoying the snow. My 4 year old DD loves the 13 inches we got Thursday night-Friday. Too bad it is below 0 with -3o windchills ~ we can't go out to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Jaylene is jealous! She's asking if we're going to go back to Canada this year during Chinese New Year so we can play in the snow. The answer is a resounding NO! ;)

Heehee, the word verification is fakedog. Perhaps you're to make a snow dog? lol

Anonymous said...

This snow is lovely--I'm glad it doesn't happen all the time, but I'm certainly enjoying it while it's here.