Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In which we consider taking up letterboxing, and make a stamp

I've had the thought that perhaps we should try geocaching.  We went with some friends once, when Kate was really little.  It seems like it would be a good way to get out and explore new places.  Doug and I are perfectly happy to just explore for the sake of exploring, but I thought Kate might get more into it if there was some sort of goal and payoff.  But we don't have a GPS, so that does present a bit of a problem.

We had a ward activity not long ago which included a brief presentation on fun (and cheap) summer activities, and one friend mentioned that her family has been enjoying letterboxing.  "Oh yeah, " I thought, "We could do that!"  Letterboxing is like geocaching before geocaching was invented.  (Sort of... the two exist concurrently now.)

The two things you need for letterboxing are some kind of little notebook and a stamp.  The book was easy--I have several little books from my bookbinding class at BYU that I've never done anything with.  I thought it would be fun to have Kate draw a dragon and then turn that into a stamp.

We decided to use the one in the middle (that's Toothless!)

I got a block of this rubber stuff called "Moo Carve" at Artco, and did a graphite transfer to trace the dragon onto it.

Carving!  Doug and I had the idea we were going to do some linoleum block carving, several years ago, and got a set of tools.  They've only been used on potatoes and they're rather rusty.

All done!  I need to get some kind of wood to mount on the back, but it works fine for now.

Kate added a scene to this one.

After this she wanted to make more stamps!  I suppose we'll have to do that.


wholarmor said...

Very cool! You are so clever and crafty! And Kate is a talented artist like her mommy!

Heather T. said...

What an awesome stamp! I've never mounted those kind--I don't think they'd adhere really well, but what do I know. Might be easier for young hands, though!

Liberty said...

And now I see... yes, you made your own stamp! I love it!!! It is amazing!!! I have not done this for years but I might have to do this soon with Holly as she would enjoy it!

Kathey said...

How fun. Love the stamp. I'm glad you and Doug can do things like this with your kids.

Why am I here??? said...

That's sooo cool! I love this simple yet creative idea. NICE!