Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Point Defiance Flowers

The rose garden at Point Defiance has this gorgeous archway.  I dream of taking pictures here some day with perfect lighting and cooperative children.  I take what I can get.


Kate in the Dahlia garden. 

Are all kids this fascinated with grates?

Hooray--a nice picture with Grandma! (My camera battery ran out right after this.)


Lara said...

What a beautiful place! And how fun to have Grandma in town, too!

Helen in Australia said...

"Perfect lighting" and "cooperative children". I love your optimism for such a rare confluence! They look like they're having a wonderful time in a lovely place. I particularly like the photo of Andy with the rocks (I'm trying to work out where his centre of gravity is, so that he can stay balanced!!)

Amanda said...

I see Andy has the Korean squat down. I never could do that.