Sunday, July 31, 2011

"All Over the World" (multi-stake Broadway Revue)

We took the kids to the matinee on Saturday. Originally I was thinking I would just take Kate, but Andy had an early nap so we decided to make it a family outing and all go together. They both did really well.  Kate was not quite as engaged with some numbers, and Andy seemed a bit freaked out by the Phantom of the Opera, but they were both very good.  It was cute to see Andy clapping after every song.

My backdrop!  This is a really cute number.

"Trouble" from The Music Man.  I was impressed with Harold Hill.  He just nailed it.  (And it's not an easy song!)

"Shy" from Once Upon a Mattress.  I loved this number too.  Very well done!

Doug had a contribution as well--he made this doublet and hose for his SCA fencing.  That's Patrick Watson (the director) wearing them as Don Quixote, singing "The Impossible Dream." 

"There is Nothing Like a Dame"

The final number--"One Day More" from Les Mis.

I really enjoyed all the full-cast numbers. Powerful sound!

The whole thing was over two hours long, with more than twenty songs.  Everyone did such a great job.  The kids' favorite part was the "All Over the World" number (from Xanadu) at the end of the first act.  The cast ran out and made a circle around the audience, singing and tossing inflatable-globe beach balls. Kate and Andy each got to throw the balls back a couple of times.  (Audience participation!)

There are four more performances this next weekend!  I'm going to try to go again and get some video of Fiona's song and maybe a couple others.  If I do I'll add them here.


Heather T. said...

Wow, that sounds fun! And your backdrop looks awesome!

Kathey said...

What a production. I wish I could have see it.