Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Summer in a Day

We are finally having our Pacific Northwest summer.  It's been very cool this year, but the past couple of weeks have been warm and sunny (just in time for the ripening blackberries!) Not uncomfortably hot like that record-breaking heat wave we had a couple of years ago (that was just miserable), but great swimming weather.  Most days start out a little overcast in the morning and then it clears up.  It's been very nice.

Kate got to go swimming  with her friend Molly's family.   They have some family-in-law with a pool, and  invited us to go over with them. It was the first time Kate had ever used a raft float like this and she thought it was just the coolest thing ever.

Kate isn't much of a swimmer yet but she rocks those arm floaties.

The other kids (not Kate) had fun on the slide, and I had fun taking action sequence shots.

We had a sky full of interesting clouds that day.  I had to take a picture of this one because it had dragon spikes.

After swimming we went over to Molly's house and hung out for a while.

Molly in a tree. 

Every back yard should have a swing!

Kate meets the cat.  (Molly says, "Let her sniff your hand.")


What a great day--swimming, swinging,  and running around barefoot in the back yard. I feel like we're packing in as much summer as we can before school starts!


Mary said...

Don't you love summer? Nothing says summer to me like a kid in a pool!

Anonymous said...

Love the bare summer feet!