Thursday, August 18, 2011

귀환 기념 날

I got home from my mission 18 years ago today.  (18 years on the 18th--it's like the golden birthday of my return!)

We've been trying to save money, since Doug doesn't get paid again till October, but I had some money in my PayPal account and I really wanted some naeng myun (or maybe some kimchi jjigae) so we went down to Chung Ki Wa in Lakewood.   In the end the naeng myun  won out.  As Doug pointed out, you can get kimchi jjigae any time, but naeng myun is pretty much only available in the summer.  I had some for coming-home-from-mission-day a couple of years ago (when I got a  much better picture) but I don't think I've had it since then. Did I really go two years without naeng myun?  It was so good.  Cold and tangy, and it even had a piece of bae (Asian pear) in it, which I'm pretty sure I didn't get last time.  Yum.

Everything was fabulous.  My tummy is happy.   I really enjoyed talking to the two ladies who served us (one was from Busan and one was from Mokpo). We should go there more often.


Mimi said...

The golden birthday of your anniversary, cute!

Anonymous said...

Your posts make me miss Puget Sound so much!! The day after I taught my two youngest grandsons to ride a bike, we drove from Port Orchard across the bridge to Tacoma and they rode on the bike path there near the water. Those were some great days!