Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wright Park

Grandma Mary is here!  She was with Melody's family for a while, and then stopped to visit Brian in Portland, and now we have her for a few days.  She got here on Monday and we all went down to Wright Park.

Wright Park has changed a lot!  We hadn't been there in about three years, and then a couple of weeks ago Doug was supposed to do some fencing with his SCA group for the Ethnic Fest.  It ended up getting canceled (not the Ethnic Fest, just the fencing) but we didn't get the word in time, so we went to the park and enjoyed some of the festival (free bouncy houses!  The kids liked that).  There's a big playground that's all new, and a water (spray ground) area too. So this time we thought it would be nice to go back again and enjoy the park with fewer people around.  It was still pretty busy.  Wright Park is the place to be!

This wooden xylophone thing is tuned pentatonically. This means that I can play Arirang on it. (Though the lowest note is a bit flat.)

Swinging with Grandma.

He really does enjoy this.  He just looks worried.

The sun kept coming and going.  Makes for awkward photography.

Andy says, "Dad, you're cramping my style! I want to get down and throw rocks in the water!"

Andy was also quite put out that we wouldn't let him go play in the spray ground.  We kept having to pull him away from the water every time he made a break for it. That's what he likes--water and rocks.

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