Saturday, September 24, 2005

Young's Jersey Dairy

Young's in Yellow Springs is one of those great little places that gets mentioned in roadside tour guides. Actually it's not a little place anymore at all. It used to be little.

We took Kate to see the goats. Not for long, because they seemed determined to eat the stroller. It wasn't our stroller, after all, it was one my mom borrowed from someone. Can't have goats eating a borrowed stroller.

I should mention that they do have cows at this place, too. Jersey cows. We have this running joke with my dad, who grew up on a Guernsey farm in Illinois. We'll say, "Look at that cow, Dad, isn't it beautiful?" and he'll say, "No, it's a Jersey!" I didn't get any pictures of the cows this time, though.

After the goats comes the ice cream (not necessarily in that order, but usually). Doug got cinnamon and black walnut. I got peaches and cream, and strawberry. (Doug is a connoisseur of unusual flavors--there's a company in Seattle that makes a lavender flavored ice cream that he gets a kick out of. And yes, I did have to look up how to spell "connoisseur").

Here Kate goes after Doug's ice cream...

...and gets a little taste (just the cinnamon, not the walnut). Yum!

I pretty much don't eat sugar, since it makes me tired and cranky (I tell people that if I eat sugar I burst into tears and then fall asleep), but a little ice cream on very rare occasions is a special treat, and Young's is probably worth a little crankiness.

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