Saturday, September 24, 2005

Back from Ohio

We're home! Actually we got back Wednesday night, but I just haven't gotten myself together enough to post anything. I took over a thousand photos and I've been going through them and picking out the ones I want to post. Big job!

We had a good trip. When we scheduled it we didn't know that we were going to be moving right after we got back, so the timing was a little awkward. It was made more awkward when we realized that, though Doug's classes at one college start on the 26th, the other college where he teaches started on the 21st. That's the day we got back. We didn't notice this until the day before we left. So Doug ended up missing the first day of class, but it worked out okay. I'm glad we got to go. Kate got to see her grandparents again (or, more specifically, they got to see her, which they hadn't since she was three months old).

I was born in California but grew up mostly in Ohio. My parents still live in the same house where they were when my youngest sister was born. That will always be where I'm from. Things change--places change, and people change--but it's nice to get back. There's something about the Midwest that my senses respond to, knowing I'm back "home." The air is heavier. I imagine that the colors even seem a little richer. We missed the fireflies, but got a fine concert of loudly singing insects every night. That's Ohio in late summer.

We had a good time but were very glad (and tired!) to get home. Now we're trying to track down some boxes to use in our move. Scott said to try Grocery Outlet. The people at Grocery Outlet said to try Safeway. The people at Safeway said to try Fred Meyer. We haven't tried them yet. Now Doug is off helping with an Eagle Scout project, Kate is taking her morning nap, and I'm going to try to get a few of these pictures posted!

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