Monday, September 26, 2005

"Are you gonna eat that?"

You may look at this picture and say, "Is is this man doing what I think he's doing?" Yes, it's true--this is my dad, and he's putting applesauce on his pizza. He's done this for years. Apparently it helps tone down the spiciness of the pizza. Doug, intrigued, had to try it as well, and declared that it "works pretty well, actually." No one else felt compelled to confirm this.

As we were discussing this odd gustatory habit, Betsey said, "Do you know what his favorite sandwich is? Bologna, ketchup, pickles, and peanut butter." I asked, "So, do you have a name for this concoction?" and Dad said, "Lunch!"


Barb said...

Kyle says he likes to make ham and cheese sandwiches and to dip them in half-melted vanilla ice cream. But the sandwich HAS to have pickles on it or the ice cream tastes funny... Isn't he PERFECT?! He reminds me so much of my Daddy.

Barb said...

Daddy also likes to put cheese on those sandwiches he makes. They are indeed very interesting concoctions.