Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fun with the macro lens

I had lots of chances to try out my new lens on flowers and bugs. I ended up with a lot more throw-away shots than keepers (especially on the bugs--darn things keep moving around) but I'm learning!

The morning after a rainstorm I took some shots of the water droplets on the flowers. This one was especially fun--I didn't notice till later that you can see the car (upside-down) in the water drops.

My mom has these flowers called Autumn Joy Sedum in front of the house. They attract lots of bees--big, beautiful carpenter bees, bumble bees (I didn't get any pictures of those), and honey bees, as well as butterflies and flies. Of course all of these attract a fair number of spiders as well. My sister Betsey, who loves bugs and has worked several summers collecting and cataloging bees, says she's going to plant some of these flowers at her house (when she has one).

Out of consideration for my friends who don't like creepy-crawly things, I have made these thumbnails very small. Don't click unless you really want to see.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helena,

Awesome flower and critter shots! The upside-down car in the water droplets is super neat. Thanks for pointing that out. And wow, those spiders sure get big when you click on them.

We loved having you and your family here.

Love, Mom