Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Gathering Pink

I love displays of color. Stacks of cardstock, cubbyholes of yarn, little drawers filled with rainbows of embroidery floss.... I remember once being entranced by a wall of socks at the mall.

I went up to JoAnn to look for some pink fabric to made a dress for Kate. Maybe something with hearts on it, I was thinking. What caught my eye was the array of fat quarters, sorted by color, lined up along the front of the fabric shelves.  All those different patterns together--I just love it. 

I'm planning a dress with a fabric skirt and crocheted top  (like the autumn dress, but more of a jumper style, to go over a shirt).  It turns out that matching fabric with yarn (or crochet thread) is more difficult than you would think.  Pinks shade toward purple or toward orange.  But I realized that if I use a variety of pinks that are close to each other but not exactly the same, then the crochet thread doesn't have to match exactly either.  So I'm going to make a patchwork skirt with all these different pinks.  Doesn't that sound cute? 

I was quite disappointed to discover that the company that made the crochet thread  I used for the autumn dress (America's Best) has gone out of business.  If I had known I would have stocked up.

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dawn said...

I'm with you on the colors. I absolutely love the organization and movement of yarn at a shop when they all have their own little homes in a rainbow wall!