Sunday, January 22, 2012

ice storm

Our snow turned into more snow and then freezing rain. Kate was off school Monday and Tuesday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and then a waiver day (not sure exactly what that is), and then we had three snow days in a row. So we were pretty much holed up for the entire week.

I've seen ice storms before, but not since we've been in Washington.  They are quite spectacular.  And very destructive. 

I took these over by Fred Meyer. Poor trees! A lot of the trees around our complex had to have limbs removed, too.

A lot of people in the area lost power, but ours fortunately stayed on, so we stayed nice and warm.

I saw some crocuses coming up at the church the week before. I'll bet they were hating it.


Mimi said...

Early crocuses (croci? I go through this every year) are always a harbinger of snow.

UnseasonablyWarm said...

Gorgeous! So jealous of those that live in Pacific Northwest. Someday....someday!