Thursday, January 05, 2012

Honey Pig (꿀 돼지!)

Lunch at Honey Pig in Lakewood!  (It came up as one of the local deals on Amazon, and Doug spotted it and bought it.)

We've been to Honey Pig before but it finally dawned on me that the name is a pun in Korean--꿀 is the word for honey but it's also the sound a pig makes. 

It's one of those places where you cook the meat at your table.  They had these thin little sheets of dduk (rice cake) to wrap stuff in.  I've never seen that before.  It seemed like one of those trendy things--putting the lettuce inside the rice instead of the rice inside the lettuce.  It was good but I think I prefer the old-fashioned way. 

We decided to go while Kate was at school, and I think that was really the best way to handle it.  Andy just sat there and ate pretty steadily the whole time.  Kate would have eaten a few things and been done in five minutes, and spent the rest of the time asking "When can we goooooooo?" 

Honey Pig is the restaurant that used to be Dooriban. We went there several years ago with the Tracys, when Kate was really little. Later we went back and discovered it had changed names (and ownership, probably). Honey Pig seems very particularly geared toward the barbecue. Which is good, but most of the time we go for something else.  (Kimchi jjigae!)  The two places in Lakewood that we usually go to are Chung Ki Wa and O Bok Jip.  맛이 있어요.


CTR Mama said...

You're so lucky! My husband has to make our Korean food since there's nowhere around here to get it. Luckily he's a good cook!

Heather T. said...

Meeeeeeeat! *smiles* I'm glad you enjoyed your food!

Leah said...

My sister is in Snohomish so when we're in your neck of the woods this summer, we'll have to get together for a Korean lunch reunion!

Helena said...

Aagghhhhhh! That would be awesome!