Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year

I made this card to send to some friends in Korea. (Hopefully they won't mind getting it a little late!)

I wanted to get some dduk guk, but with the weather lately I hadn't prepared anything.  Monday was wonderfully sunny and even warm (relatively), which was lovely after all the snow and ice.  So I called Doug, when he was done with his classes, and asked if he'd like to have lunch in Lakewood.  We arranged to meet at Chung Ki Wa.

Doug had chicken bulgogi, and I got my dduk guk for the year.  It was a big bowl with lots of dduk.  Very dense.  I was feeling pretty full afterwards. 

The best part was that while I was driving down I had the thought that we should get some kim (laver seaweed) for Andy to have with his rice.  I figured Doug was closer than I was, so I called his cell phone and asked, "Could you stop by Paldo World and get some more kim?" and he said, "I already did."  Isn't he awesome?

It's the year of the dragon.  My brother Peter is a dragon!  새해복 많이 받으세요!

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Oblibby said...

That lunch looks delicious :D

Lisa xoxo