Sunday, November 20, 2011


Kate lost her first tooth! She told me it was wiggly on Thursday, and it came out today at church, in the middle of her Primary class.

When Kate was a baby her first tooth didn't come in till she was over a year old. I hear the late teethers also tend to lose them later. Most of Kate's friends at school have already lost quite a few.


Mimi said...

I had a really early teether, and he did lose his teeth pretty early. My other was an average teether, and an average tooth loser :)


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Wow Helena the kids are precious so big and beautiful. Your Lily is a doll. Merry Merry Christmas may the joy and love of the season bring you all your wishes. Hugs Wanda

Sean Butcher said...

It's okay, Helena. The normal age for babies to grow their first tooth is between 4 and 7 months of age, while losing a tooth usually happens during 6-7 years of age. Kate's teeth sprouted out at the normal time. There are those who have it late.