Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumnal Sidewalk of Awesomeness

shuffle shuffle
rustle rustle
crunch crunch crunch

There's a row of sycamore trees with really big leaves along the front of our apartment complex. It gets exciting around this time of year. (Makes me think of Anne Shirley's White Way of Delight. In a different way, of course.)


Lara said...

Oh, wow! That is definitely awesomeness!

Whenever I walk on leaves like that it takes me right back to my BYU days and walking with all of my roommates and various other friends to the football games on Saturdays. Such a great memory.

Amy Sorensen said...

ooooh....beautiful fall photos AND an Anne Shirley reference??? Sweet!

I went running this week along a street like this. It might have been my favorite run ever!