Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Chalking Wall

The Multi-Stake Cultural Arts group is putting on Savior of the World again.  Just a few days before opening night, I got to turn this blank wooden apron between the stage extensions into a rock wall to match the rest of the set.  I figured chalk would be faster than painting, so I got a couple of Helen Christensen's pan pastels (which we used to shade the Mod Prom sets and Fiona's library).  I believe I used the term "borrow," but Helen said she would just go ahead and submit the expense to the budget, because she knew I would use them up.  I did. 

This was definitely a quick and dirty job.  (Literally--I still have brown chalk under my fingernails.) It only took about three hours.  Hopefully good enough for set work!

The gym is all torn up right now with show preparations  (and they have the doors chained up to keep people out, which kind of throws everyone off on Sundays). That's Fiona's library back in the corner.  They still haven't found a place for it so it's just been on the stage. 

I think this is the last year they're going to be putting on this production, at least for a while. Maybe they'll do something else that I can help make sets for. It's a lot of fun to work on things like this and then get to see them in use. Like magic!


Amanda said...

It looks good in the pictures, quick and dirty or not!

Laura Call said...

Looks awesome!

I'm going Thursday night and I'm really looking forward to it! I didn't get to go last year.