Friday, November 25, 2011

gobble gobble

Kate's hand print turkey from school. She said they all painted their fingers in stripes, but then she moved hers back and forth on the paper to smear the paint. Like making a snow angel!

She also brought home this turkey hat. Cute!

We had Thanksgiving with Doug's sister Erika in Everett. (Grandma Mary was visiting, too.) We had a bit of traffic and heavy rain on the way up, and the kids were tired of being in the car, but we had a nice time. Kate and Doug both had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. Hooray for five-day weekends!

This Thanksgiving I was particularly thankful for a washer and dryer, and hot water, and electricity. Andy threw up twice on the bed Tuesday night, and again the next morning (got the carpet that time). We're pretty sure it was from a hot dog he ate. Apparently some kinds are okay and some kinds reduce him to a Miserable Vomitous Mass. Poor kid.

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