Saturday, November 19, 2011

Savior of the World

I got a video of part of the "Savior of the World" performance on Friday night. This is the scene with Zacharias in the temple.  The "Come Deliver Us" song is so impressive with that big, full-cast sound. (And live orchestra!)

Mary with the baby.  I've seen this play three times now and they always change it up a bit. It's interesting to see what they do with the set and the staging.  JoLee told me that they ended up cutting a foot off the bottom of the arches that I painted, so they could have the angels visible over the top.  This means that people have to duck when going through the doorways, but it works out okay. 

JoLee asked me to come in and take a cast photo before the Saturday matinee. (I did this for the Broadway Revue, too.)

The cast watches Patrick and JoLee open a gift.  (Those stucco walls on the side are the ones that Helen Christensen painted for the Aladdin number in the Broadway Revue.  Hooray for re-purposing!)

Mary McGiffin and Brother Dewey, from our ward.  (Mary is my new buddy--she's a Brandon Sanderson fan, and her sister is friends with RoseE Hadden.)  Mary's husband Ben played the angel Gabriel.

It's been fun to be involved with these productions, however peripherally.  Maybe when the kids are older we can get involved with the actual performing part.


Ben said...

You took such wonderful pictures! It was alot of fun. Thanks for the shout out. I am so glad that we are buddies. We should get together and hang out sometime!

Ben said...

Sorry this is actually Mary. I didn't realize that he was logged in.