Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Facebook updates


is somewhat surprised that there doesn't seem to be a Facebook page for Ferdinand Feghoot.

Kate is asking me how to spell things like "Leave it alone!" and "Don't get too close!" and "Back off!" I keep telling her Andy can't read.

introduced Kate to Shel Silverstein. "I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor" is a big hit.

asked Kate if she knew what Hawaii was, and she said, "It's like Ohio in Chinese."

is finishing up a loooong project.

thinks frozen mango chunks are as good as ice cream. (With the added benefit that I can actually eat them.)

got Kate up an hour earlier today because she's been such a stinker about going to bed at night. We'll see how that goes.

Andy's practicing saying "uh-oh" over and over. Very cute. (Perhaps he's planning to do something naughty?)

is trying to decide whether I should do the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race this time around.

finished reading Kaffir Boy. Wow.

found a few Korean missionary blogs. Fun.

is thinking about sending my mission photos and negatives in to ScanCafe. Anyone done this?

has lunch planned, but realized we're out of garlic!

successfully borrowed some garlic from the Korean neighbors. "혹시 마늘 좀 빌려 주시겠어요?"

was worried that this baby bootie I'm making might be too big, but I found a newborn size shoe to compare it to and now I think it might be too small.

has a new painting project!


took the kids for a walk in the rain.

Murphy's Law: The blanket that you spend $20 getting cleaned will be the one that your child throws up on a week later.

was hoping to run out to Lowe's before lunch, and can't find my hairbrush anywhere. Grrr.

has a Poor Man's Cake in the oven.

was up half the night with another vomiting child.

Tummy bug = lots and lots of laundry.

is pretty sure some of us will be staying home from church today. Kate is embarrassingly gassy.

is re-reading old letters and feeling like a bum for not keeping in touch.

has been staring at Photoshop for entirely too long.

had to make bacon lentil soup with no fire-roasted corn. Alas.

is off to play wedding photographer and pretend I know what I'm doing!

어제 한인 지부에 가서 맛있는 음식을 잘먹었어요. (떡국이 없었더라도...)

has a five-year-old who can identify the Wilhelm scream.

just realized our answering machine was full. Sorry if you've been trying to call us!

Kate insisted on taking her Beanie Baby rat into Fred Meyer, and somehow lost it. I'd like to apologize to whoever finds it.

while looking for something else, finally located the missing hairbrush.

There's an ad over there that says "Gorgeous tan cancer free." Makes you just want to run out and get one, doesn't it?

tracked down phone numbers for a couple of friends in Korea, but can't try calling now because it's 1:00 in the morning there.

went to church in Korean yesterday *and* heard from two old friends in Korea. Fun day.

has been gifted with a large amount of spinach. What should I do with it?

does not know what kind of food we're supposed to take to the ward activity tonight.

says "Thanks everybody!" :)


is getting things done (and has the munchies, now).

just walked in and told Doug, "I believe I identified Mars," and he said, "I think someone beat you to it." *rimshot*

has an urge to draw great big Korean 단청 patterns all over the sidewalk.

just realized that the guy on Fringe was Denethor. I'm slow.

lost the stuff I was working on in Photoshop. Grrrr.

Kate says, "When I'm done being a teacher when I grow up, I'm going to be a superhero!"

got to talk to another old friend in Korea. So fun.

is feeling good. :)

When come back, bring pi.

is getting a lot of Korean practice lately. 재미 있어요.

always takes a while to adjust to the time change. It's like having jet lag, but you don't get to actually go anywhere.

Kate just asked me if I could count to ten thousand. I said, "Well I *can*, but I'm not going to."

keeps seeing "without further adieu." Why do people think it's "adieu"? That doesn't make any sense.

welcomes Spring!

is easily distracted.

is excited about getting home video from Korea digitized. It's on its way back!

has discovered you have to be careful with foam-mounted photos.

had pho twice in one week.

went to Monique White's funeral. It was a lovely service and a beautiful day, with the cherry trees outside dropping their petals like snow.

accidentally put vanilla yogurt in the keema matar. Oops.

looking for someone to take me to Costco this week.

Andy is practicing walking backward today. Hilarity ensues.

Kate's been... not coughing, exactly, but clearing her throat every twenty seconds. Allergies, maybe?

after getting something like 30 Viagra-related spam messages a day, is suddenly not getting any. Not that I mind. It's just odd.

has to decide if I really want to post 40 pictures from Northwest Trek on my blog, or if I should try to whittle that down a bit.


is having one of those mornings.

Kate, for reasons which I'm not clear on, decided to make some Halloween decorations and tape them up in the window.

is making rolls. Going to take some to the neighbors if they turn out okay.

did not know there was a 101 Dalmatians musical.

thinks it would be *nice* if would update their system to allow for non-English characters, but understands the hassle in doing so.

suspects that Bombay Bistro's lunch buffet may not be quite as good since they lowered their price.

Kate just told me "I want to be a missionary sometime when I'm good." So I told her she can be a missionary when she's 21. If she wants to. Then she said, "Yeah, when I'm 20 I'm going to be a teacher, and when I'm 23 I'm going to be a veterinarian. And then when I'm 24 I'm going to be a superhero."

talked to Ken Jennings's dad today.

is reading up on keeping pillbugs as pets. Who'd've thunk?

found out how to say "pillbug" in Korean.

suspects that Andy ate a banana slice out of the pillbug terrarium.

both kids are napping! This does not happen!

is rather shocked that it's April 20th already. How did that happen?

was able to help a friend in Korea (안상희) track down one of the missionaries who taught her back in '87. How cool is that?

wonders how long Bloglines is going to be down

got a batch of overly-fibrous carrots.

loves being able to do google image searches in Korean.

is snacking on a red bell pepper.

can't get into my email this morning. Grrrr.

loves Thursdays because it's Korean missionary blog update day!

needs to pick up some more titanium white acrylic paint.

left Titlow park with two roly-polies in my pocket, and arrived home with only one.


Everyone is cranky today.

finally found some 18-month size sleepers.

is starting a drawing today.

어린이날 기념해요.

is making a blanket fort with Kate.

got a nap for Mother's Day.

Kate is watching cake decorating videos on youtube. I am bemused.

got my mission negatives back from ScanCafe! Woot!

wonders if there's a collective noun for a group of pillbugs.

is practicing touch-typing in Korean. 한국말로 타이핑 하는 것을 연습해요. 어려워요.

is banana-less this morning.

Kate's in time out and complaining that it's boring. Yeah, it's *supposed* to be boring.

discovered what's lurking under the keys of my keyboard. It's amazingly disgusting.

has horrible posture at the computer.

Our elderly neighbor lost control of her car and hit the corner of our apartment, right in Kate's room. The wall is cracked but the window miraculously did not break, and no one was hurt.

is preparing to give a talk in Korean today.

has maintenance guys in the bedroom fixing the wall, and Andy is complaining because I won't let him help.

‎'s house is all back together now. You'd never know it was broken.

enjoys walking outside and smelling all the green.

has two freshly-bathed children.

UPS truck came by, wasn't for me. Poo.

got a big, plump red grapefruit. It's nice and juicy but the flavor's a bit thin.

ate something that didn't agree with me last night. Ugh.

is an aunt again! Woo hoo!

thinks it's a good thing we didn't go camping this weekend!


had a somewhat disturbing dream about pillbugs.

Kate just asked for a pterodactyl pancake.

is watching The Greatest American Hero on youtube.

made some yummy yummy bacon soup. Just the thing for a rainy day.

just found out that the restaurant in St. John's where we painted the mural is probably closed now. Alas.

utilizes circumlocution.

asked Doug, "So, shall we try to take the howler monkeys out somewhere today?" and Kate said, "I'm not a howler monkey! I'm a pygmy marmoset."

has a fridge that smells like kimchi.

had something yummy with paneer for lunch. (Doug made it!) Mmmmm.

Kate just answered the phone, had a brief conversation with someone, and hung up. When I asked, "Who was that?" she said, "I don't know!"

finished reading A Corpse in the Koryo (murder mystery set in North Korea). Got to the end and I still don't know what really happened. I'm not good with political subtlety.

We have baby pillbugs! They are so cute!

went to Portland for two days and saw the dinosaurs at the zoo. Stopped at Azteca in Kelso on the way back and had the steak fajita. The meat was marinated in soy sauce. Is that weird? Soy sauce in Mexican food? The more I ate it the more I didn't really like it.

wishing my parents a happy 44th anniversary today!

got to shmooze with the owner of Pho 38th in Korean. She gave us complimentary spring rolls.

Our neighbors had their van broken into and two digital cameras stolen. I feel so bad for them.

is trying to teach Andy to color on paper. Not on books, the floor, or himself.

is making challa. Don't have any poppy seeds or sesame seeds, though. I guess it will be naked challa.

can't find the pastry brush. Bother.


is home from Idaho, and tired.

had a nap with the boy. I needed that.

needs to prioritize.

is fascinated by the baby pillbugs.

is thinking of a word that's not "feet."

Anybody want to go to the Fircrest Tot Lot this morning ?

took the kids to the park in their jackets. It seems to be warming up a bit now.

just finished lunch and still has the munchies.

Outside, kids, plastic dinosaurs, dirt, and a bowl of water. Wheee!

listening to audiobooks, I've realized I have a slight preference for male voices. What does that mean?

has discovered that there are several Korean dramas on hulu. Surprise!

took the kids to the sprayground at Jefferson park. It was seriously crowded.

(watching Korean drama on hulu)
Kate: "What's she doing?"
me: "She's singing in the shower."
Kate: "That doesn't look safe."

is teaching the first day of photography camp at the YMCA tomorrow. Yikes.

Time for the traditional Sunday night activity--popcorn!

Andy, after playing "wake Mom up at 6:00," is now playing "pull all of Dad's CDs off the shelf." Good times.

's first day of Photography Camp=zooey! Whew! Lots of glitches to iron out.

really really hates trackpads.

The howler monkeys are restless today.

all done with photography camp. "It's overrrrrrrr!"

오늘 유타 주로 가요!

is home from Utah. Tired.


got a nap. Now my eye is blurry from sleeping on it.

is singing "banana" to the tune of "Maria." Bananaaaa! Banana banana bananaaaaa!

Mmmm... blackberries....

is amused by

is waiting for Andy to decide it's nap time.

I sometimes say MTC when I mean YMCA. And vice versa.

wants to be painting.

"대장금" "선덕여왕" "동이" 중에 뭣을 볼까요? 남편이랑 하나를 같이 보고싶어요.

awoke from uneasy dreams, transformed in her bed into a monstrous vermin.

Andy's trying to eat raisins with a fork.

Poll: when you sing "Bingo," do you clap on the last "name-O"?

needs to get the kids out of the house.

Kate keeps talking about dinosaurs being resurrected some day. I'm not sure what to tell her about this.

Tacoma friends--what are your favorite sources for finding out about events and other fun things to do in the area?

is wishing I hadn't turned on the oven earlier.

fed the kids Korean bachelor food for dinner. Rice, 김, and fried egg.

was pleased to see that the new Kindle 3 can display Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Not that they actually have any books available in any of those languages.

will be in my bunk.

witnessed a prime example of why one should not wear mascara to the pool.

needs to go have some Korean food tomorrow. 귀환날 기념에요.

한국 식당에 가서 맛있는 김치 찌개를 먹었어요. 넘넘넘.

밥통 FAIL. Forgot to push the button. Lunch is delayed.

can't crochet and read subtitles at the same time.

discovered that wintergreen oil will melt plastic.

Trying to figure out if I can buy a Korean e-book from a Korean site. Yes24's security thing won't accept my credit card. I managed to buy a book from Kyobo but now it wants me to install their software to access it, and my computer doesn't like their software. Alas.

had a lovely visit at the Farr's farm and came home with eggs and vegetables.

is looking for somebody to do something fun with this Saturday. :)

stabbed my finger and bled on my white crocheting. I think I got it all out.

back from dropping off crocheted piece at the fairgrounds.

My sister (Betsey) went through the temple today! Yay!

I have seen the Korean font for the new Kindle 3 and it is pretty hideous.

loves bacon soup on a rainy day.

is suddenly getting all this spam addressing me as "darling." Odd.


is back from dropping Kate off for her first day of Kindergarten! (*sniff*)

is painting today.

is frantically hurrying to move painting stuff off the porch after the sprinklers came on unexpectedly.

wants a Kindle 3. But also wants a font hack

Our dishwasher is trying to fall out if its mounting. Of course this would happen on a three-day weekend.

got married fourteen years ago today! Happy anniversary to my dear spousal unit. :)

had to disappoint Andy and pry the Sharpie marker out of his fingers. Sorry Bub.

is back from walking Kate to school in the rain. A bit damp now.

wonders how these huge toadstools just spring up overnight. Amazing.

Doug is making a doublet. I shall call it his Douglet.

was planning to go to the fair for a bit today, but Andy's sick. Bummer.

did a google image search for "crepuscular rays." Ahhhhhh!

People who refer to Shakespeare as "old English" make me want to whack them over the head with Doug's Riverside Chaucer.

One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather...

There's a weird smell outside this morning.

finally cleaned off my desk. It was really awful.

got the new Vorkosigan book on reserve at the library. It's not even out yet and has 12 holds.

just realized we've been in Tacoma for ten years now. Wow.

has a Kindle on the way.

한국에서 모든 친구에게--추석 명절 잘 보내세요!

wonders if Jim Butcher really thinks a scorpion is an insect.

has a new water heater and a nice clean laundry room floor.

Too much Photoshop in one day. Oy.

uuuuttttrrrryyyyuuuuuuuiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyytttttttttttttttttttttttt kkyyyyyyyyyyyyr55554444443321111112222223333344444444444444444445556666666666b (This status update brought to you by Andy.)

enjoyed a fun game of Settlers of Catan (Cities & Knights) with Erika Jole and Lee Maneman. Thanks for coming! :)

had really weird dreams.

Kate was very excited to tell me that they sang the Dawnzer song in music class today. (She's been listening to Ramona the Pest at bedtime.)

My computer clock somehow gained 12 minutes. Good thing I noticed!


really lost my cool this morning. I hope the rest of the day is better!

anybody else trying to watch conference on We're only getting sound on the musical portions. Weird.

had to send back two Kindles with minor screen problems. Third one arrived today and looks fine.

is reading Blackout by Connie Willis.

just read that dung beetles can smell dung up to ten miles away. My question is, why would you *need* to? Surely there's plenty of dung closer than that.

spent two hours at Odyssey on a busy Saturday afternoon. Madness.

wants to sleeeeeeep.

One unforeseen complication of having a Kindle--I can't read it when Andy's around.

needs some small screw-top containers. Maybe baby food jars?

It's a lovely day for a field trip to the pumpkin patch.

got a little painting done.

walked out the door to go get Kate from school, thought, "Hmmm, it's going to rain," and then about sixty seconds later the heavens opened.

Last night Kate said to me, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll make a doll so I don't forget you." Creepy?

joined vast teeming throngs of people at the Schilter Family Farm. Must remember not to go there on a sunny Saturday in October.

Does anyone else regularly use the word "viscosity" when cleaning their child's nose?

is back from Borders with the new Vorkosigan book.

had a major power struggle this morning and Kate was 45 minutes late for school. Not fun.

Is there no Halloween party at church this year?

entertained my visiting teachers with the Van Camp's Beanie Weenie song.

just saw a review that mentions "Terry's Pratchett's profoundly irrelevetn novels." I'm hoping that's supposed to be irreverent and not irrelevant.

wishing everyone a happy Mole Day!

Andy climbed out of his crib last night. We don't think he landed on his head, but there was a pretty loud thump and wail.

needs to be able to paint for more than forty-five minutes at a time.


Another driving-to-school day. I hope it stops raining before pickup time.

painting again.

has no banana for my morning oatmeal. Alas.

여동생은 임신 났어요. Yay!

Andy wants me to read him the end pages of Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 over and over and over. I'd like to do something else now.

is attempting to paint crepuscular rays.

cloud painting is going well.

wonders what kids called maple seeds before helicopters were invented.

is thankful for Laurie Berkner.

Painting not going as well today. Grrr.

Lately, whenever I type a word that has "ou" in it, it comes out as "uo" and I have to go back and fix it. This is unfortunate because my husband's name is Duog.

One for the list of Completely Baffling Things That Kids Say: "My teeth sound like America." At least I think that's what she said.

dreamed about St. John's.

is going to make bacon soup for the ward activity tonight. Mmmmm.

took my painting over to the church for the talent show. I've never had the pieces all lined up before. It's kind of disheartening to see how much I still have left to do.

Bacon soup and potato cake. Mmmmmm.

suddenly had "Baby Vampire Boogie" pop into my head.

Power's back on! Good timing. I love electricity.

watching last night's Castle... loved the Firefly reference.

bonked my head on the door frame. Ow!

is trying to decide whether or not to use a hyphen in "nonfiction." Seems to be optional.

"Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale souls out of men's bodies?"

Grrr... this color is not right. Dang.

had a nice outing downtown, and a nap.

Primary program today!

The snow is starting to stick!

It is snowing hard!

Kate was outside making dinosaur tracks in the snow. It reminded me of how she used to say "poot-frints" when she was little.

Snow day. Kate's school and Doug's classes are canceled.

got everyone bundled up and went to the zoo

is sad that the Bouncy Place closed. We went to Pump it Up in Tacoma once and were not overly impressed.

is resisting doing anything productive.

is re-doing Mom's calendar for next year.

Kate had *two* snow days and they have to make them up already?


For some reason I keep feeling like it should be Friday.

sees some sunshine!

is eating a tuna and basil sandwich.

is back from the Festival of the Nativity.

finally got to see Toy Story 3. I see that Andy somehow learned Jessie and Bullseye's names in the intervening years between 2 and 3.

would really like a nap but is highly unlikely to get one.

Kate just said "When I was two the aliens ate my brain." That explains it.

is looking for people to help play the pipe chimes at the ward Christmas party!

Andy has discovered that it's fun to draw with Mom's graphics tablet. This makes it hard to get anything done.

and Andy are grooving to the Poozies.

We had to draft Kate for pipe chimes practice. She did a great job!

I think Andy took the battery out of my cellphone. Ack.

Kate and I both wore crocheted clothes to church today.

awakens to the smell of food in the crock pot.

Andy has learned how to use the mouse. He has a two-hand method to point and click.

has a cute little noble fir, as yet undecorated.

has been following The Sing-Off on hulu. There's a guy in Street Corner Symphony that I keep thinking looks like a cross between John Lennon and Ponder Stibbons.

would really like to get some Legos. I guess we should wait till Andy's a bit older.

was a little too generous with the lights at the bottom of the tree and ran out at the top. May have to do over.

would like to point out that "All in favor, say I" should be "All in favor, say Aye."

is cleaning the fridge. Wheeeee!

got to visit some friends that we met in Korea 14 years ago. Good times.

and Kate are reading No Flying in the House.

Merry Christmas to all!

sharing my morning oatmeal with Andy and listening to Straight No Chaser.

having Sunday between Christmas and the kids' birthday is not helping in the getting-ready department.

has a six-year-old and a two-year-old today. Wow.

went to Vien Dong for dinner and enjoyed listening to Kate extemporizing additional verses to "The Ants Go Marching" all the way home.

Kate got all bundled up and went out to play in the less-than-an-inch of snow.

once again feeling the urge to report on the viscosity of my child's nasal effluvia. I think I shall restrain myself.

thinks this bacon soup may actually be a little too bancon-y. If that's possible.

braved the stake activity at the YMCA. Taking two kids swimming in December is complicated.

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