Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 morning

In Korea they like to get up early on New Year's Day and watch the first sunrise of the year. (Or stay up all night, I guess.) I didn't do that, but I did take a picture out Kate's window at 8:30 this morning.

We went swimming for New Year's Eve. I think that was a first. Our (church) stake had an activity at the YMCA, so we took the kids to the pool. The logistics were complicated (clothes, dressing rooms, two kids, in December) but we had a good time. We took two cars so I could get Andy to bed at a reasonable time, and then Doug brought Kate home around 10:30. After all that swimming Andy just slept like a log. (Perhaps I should try giving him a really long bath tonight and see if that has a similar effect.)

I've been doing some de-cluttering today. Seemed like a good way to start off the year. We've been making some good progress in that area lately. A few other things that I'd like to do this year:

Finish painting the train backdrop
Read some good chapter books with Kate
Get back to work photo archiving
Draw or paint something to enter in the fair
Try to be more patient with my kids
Spend less time doing things that aren't important
Continue practicing Korean conversation

Happy New Year everybody!


Unknown said...

Great goals for 2011! I especially can relate to the goal of "spend less time doing things that aren't important." Superbly stated!
Happy New Year!

Mary said...

I've been a pea for so many years and feel like I've been your neighbor watching your kids grow up! Kate is so pretty and Andy is an adorable baby! Your family always seems to be doing the most interesting things!

Mozz said...

Thank you for your visit...
And your year is going to be very creatively active by what I just read.. Enjoy :)

Susan said...

Happy new year! The swimming sounded like fun to me...