Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nativities R Us

The first weekend in December was the Festival of the Nativity at the church again. We went on Saturday to check it out. (Right after Andy's nap!) I was hoping to get a family picture like last year's but it didn't work out so well.

Kate was not interested in family pictures, but she did want to wear the sheep costume. She makes a cute little lamb.

With all the look-don't-touch nativities on display, it was nice that they also had a room where the kids could actually play with things, along with this cute Little People backdrop. We spent a lot of time in that room.

They used the backdrop that I painted for Savior of the World in the Relief Society room. It's always fun to see that again.


Laura Call said...

I'm so sad we missed it this year... it's such a beautiful, inspiring thing to experience at Christmastime.

Kathey said...

Loved all the pictures. It's great that they had a kid's play area.