Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was lovely. I got the living room all cleaned up (and even put Andy's high chair in the kitchen, so we'd have more room). We went to Chevy's for dinner and then came home and sang some Christmas songs, read Luke 2 and acted it out (and had Doug be the donkey, like my dad always used to do when we were little). It was just so nice, sitting the living room together, not surrounded by everyday detritus, with the Christmas tree glowing.

We made the mistake of bringing the presents out a little early, when we thought Kate was asleep but it turned out she wasn't. She came out and saw the presents under the tree and just went nuts. She was so excited she just couldn't go to sleep, until she finally conked out on the floor by the Christmas tree at about 11:30.

In the morning we got everyone to eat at least a little breakfast, and then opened presents.


My mom sent Andy this LeapFrog Text and Learn.He loves letters and loves pushing buttons, so we figured something like this would be just right.   Kate has been calling it a Kindle.  (Ha!)

Calvin and Hobbes, Elephant and Piggie!  (We Are in a Book! It's very cute.  Kind of reminds me of The Monster at the End of this Book,without the mess.)

Penguin pajamas!

Kate's present for Dad was a book of pictures she drew. 

This is our family (and Toothless the dragon) in front of the Christmas tree. I love it.

Kate had been asking for some Fuzzoodles,so we got her a couple sets. She had fun putting them together but did need some help.

Kate made this paper mache candy dish for us at school. Isn't it cute?

Kate helps Andy with some unwrapping.  We got him this set of Duplo blocks.He and Kate have both been enjoying them a lot. I think I may have to add to the collection.

Doug's new rapier (made by James the Just). It has a 43" blade and doesn't fit in his fencing bag. He's been making a scabbard for it.

We hope you all had a great Christmas!


Heather T. said...

Lovely pictures--and what a great piece of steel work--love the guard!

scrapper al said...

It looks like it was a fun Christmas (what, no pictures of Mom?).

Helena said...

No, alas!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

What pretty pictures! You did a great job. I've always thought fencing would be an awesome hobby!