Friday, October 23, 2009

Dancing Animals

I've mentioned this book that my sister Barb got for us: Easy Crafts for Kids (Great for School, Home and Parties). There's some fun stuff in here, with varying degrees of difficulty. Hardly anything that a four-year-old can create completely by herself.

Kate had been eyeing these dancing animals for quite a while. "Look! We can make a dancing dog! And a dancing crocodile! And put them in a box!" I kept putting her off with "maybe later"s, until one day she asked for some cardboard and a marker, and got busy drawing her own.

"I will draw it on the cardboard and then you cut it out," she said. She drew the pieces separately. Kate knows all about this sort of thing from our foam animals, but I don't think she had ever tried to do it herself before. You can see she wasn't quite clear on some of the proportions, or exactly how the parts fit together, but she wasn't letting that stop her.

After I had all the pieces cut out, Kate painted them.

I had some wire that I donated to the cause.

They don't really "dance" that much (perhaps a thinner gauge wire would work better?) but they're cute, and Kate had fun making them. She's getting to be very artistic. I have lots of creations of hers to post.


Heather T. said...

Oh my gosh, those are incredibly intricate and cute!!!!!!!

Mimi said...

She's amazingly artistic! Those are cute.

Laura Call said...

Seriously, those are supposed to be easy crafts for kids? ...I don't think I could've put that together... lol! So I'm super impressed with Kate's level of artisticness (yeah, that's not a word). She's a natural and obviously has some awesome teachers in the house.

Kathey said...

Those are SO precious! Yay, Kate.

Freer Family said...

What a FUN idea! They turned out so cute! We will have to give these a try!

MamaBug said...

Way too cool! Go Kate!