Monday, January 19, 2009

Grandma time

Doug's mom left on Thursday. We enjoyed having her here. Kate especially enjoyed having someone else around to play with. I enjoyed having someone around to hold Andy while I took a shower. Here are a few pictures from her visit:

Grandma and Kate play with Play-Doh on the kitchen table.

Reading Elephant and Piggie (note the stuffed animals).

Thanks for coming to see us, Grandma! (Maybe next time it won't rain so much!)


Mimi said...

It was lovely to meet her!

golonghorns said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad she got to come visit you! (I found it interesting my verification word was "pollywo", kinda fun to say!)

Laura Call said...

I love generational pictures. I think it's so neat seeing Doug with his mom and his own children all in the same photo... and reading books together. It's just very sweet.