Friday, January 30, 2009

Andy at 4 weeks

(I'm behind on posting.) Andy is doing well. He's not doing those four-hour stretches at night any more. I can't really say how long he sleeps, though, since I'm usually too out of it to do the math. He's starting to get a little more expressive and responsive, and tracking on faces and stuff. He's very attracted to light and will just stare at the window for the longest time. His nose is still pretty stuffy. We got a humidifier, which probably helps.

I'm wondering if he might be a redhead. There's not really enough there to tell, but his eyelashes are very light. Practically invisible.

(This is hard to do when you're the one taking the picture.)

More soon!


Kathey said...

Your sweet baby is growing up. He looks older. In the first picture he looks more like Kate. How fun.

Love, Mom

Barbie said...

So sweet! I love his expressions.

Mom has practically invisible eyelashes too. (Sorry Mom) Two redheaded cousins would be fun!

Betsey said...

When kate was a baby I always thought she was a redhead from her pics. We'll see!

Mimi said...

You know, I think you are right, he could be a redhead.

He's so adorable.

Dawn said...

He does look a little red in the head! Adorable!

Freer Family said...

He is a yummy little guy!