Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

I got tagged (by three different people) with this "25 random things" that's going around Facebook. I thought I'd post it here too.

1. I love reading in bed, but I always fall asleep.

2. I think a really good navel orange is one of the best things in the world.

3. I've done laundry every day since Andy was born.

4. I like doing things with people but I'm not good at initiating stuff.

5. I've painted five murals. One is in an Italian restaurant and one's in a closet.

6. I crave stability and spontaneity. It's a conundrum.

7. I have a collection of books in Korean. I've even read some of them.

8. I love sorting, but I'm not an organized person.

9. I'd like to be a foodie, but generally I just don't make cooking a high enough priority.

10. My husband has more shoes than I do.

11. Lois McMaster Bujold is my favorite author ever.

12. My 20 year high school reunion is this summer. I've realized I'm not really interested at all.

13. I love feeding animals, and have a particular fondness for ducks and squirrels.

14. I always notice grammatical errors, but I think the "no ending a sentence with a preposition" thing is a purely artificial rule based on Latin and has absolutely nothing to do with English.

15. We have a TV but it's not hooked up. We just use it for watching videos.

16. I do a lot of diaper-changing on the bed. I like to live dangerously.

17. I love Atlantic Canadian dialects.

18. My hobbies have a way of turning into obligations. This is occasionally frustrating.

19. I'm interested in words and language, but I'm not very good at Scrabble.

20. I wish I lived closer to my family.

21. I enjoy listening to DVD commentaries (some are more interesting than others, of course).

22. I want to go to North Korea some day.

23. I have a low amusement threshold but I don't enjoy "dumb" movies.

24. I fear I may not be very successful at teaching people to crochet.

25. I have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. I need a garage.


Jennifer B said...

I have sort-of a "random" comment. A long time ago, you posted a picture of some Korean ladles you have. I checked the Little Seouls blog today and there was this post:

I am interested in learning Korean. Is there a website or book you suggest?

Love your blog!!

Heather T. said...

Fun reading!

Peter Ahlstrom said...

What would you do in North Korea? I mean, if "someday" is after the government falls, that's one thing, but...

Amy Sorensen said...

#23: I hate dumb movies too. We call them "what about Bob" movies at our house because that is THE DUMBEST movie I have ever seen! #19 Me either. in fact, I only played it for the first time two years ago. I missed out on Scrabble Training or something! #14: Makes me think of Winnie-the-Pooh. #11: I've only read one book by her, something about a sharing knife, but I liked it! #8: Guess what? I'm commenting on blogs instead of sorting my SBing paper like I intended! #3: I love doing baby laundry. I miss buying Dreft! Don't tell anyone, but I still have a bottle of it in my laundry room, half-full, that I keep just so I can smell it once in awhile.

golonghorns said...

This was fun to read!

Barbie said...

I can only think of four murals. The two you mentioned, and Scott's, and Jerusalem. What is the other one?

I ended a sentence with "with" today, so I'm glad you mentioned that.

I think it is funny that Doug has more shoes than you. I believe it, though. He has some interesting boots.

I wish I lived close to family too. Miss you!

Kathey said...

I was thinking that I knew of 4 murals but couldn't think of a 5th one, so I think it's fun that Barbie mentioned that. I thought of the same 4. So what's the 5th?

Your website shows 3. I just checked. ^o^

Dad got home OK.

Love, Mom

juliekintaiwan said...

1. You're one of my oldest (as in longest time) internet friends.
2. I do believe you're a scrapping celebrity.
3. You've got a fabulous sense of humour.
4. I consider you to be one of the kindest people I know.
5. You're incredibly talented.
6. I highly doubt there would be any style of art/creative work that you couldn't do if you tried your best.
7. You're very generous.
8. You're extremely interesting.
9. Your faith is inspiring.
10. You're true to your heart.
11. You're a wonderful mother.
12. As a wife, I'm sure you are a blessing.
13. You are a valuable friend.
14. You constantly see how you can help others, and then do so.
15. You have a gift with words.
16. You are loved by many.
17. Your kids are cute beyond belief.
18. I think you'd be amusing on one of your (rare) grumpy days.
19. I'm jealous of your photography skills (and many of your other skills!)
20. I hope some day to meet up with you.
21. I still remember the squirrelly layout you scraplifted from my elephant one, and giggle when I do.
22. You show wisdom in your thoughts and opinions.
23. I think it's great that you like Great Big Sea and Canada so much.
24. If I could, I'd make you an honorary Canadian.
25. Your blog is a bright spot on the 'net. Thank you so much for sharing.

Helena said...

Julie--that was so sweet! Thank you! :)

Barb (and Mom)--I decided to count the cloud bedroom as a mural. It wasn't very mural-ish (and only took me three days) but it was on walls.

Peter--I think that's a given. ;)

Jennifer--ummm...I will have to get back to you on that. I did run across an online course once that looked pretty good. I'll see if I can find it again.

Barbie said...

Okay. I was wondering if you were counting that set that you painted (twice?) with all the stones and stuff.