Monday, September 01, 2008


I've been having fun looking for people I know on Facebook. Yesterday I tracked down a bunch of people that we knew in Newfoundland, including some that I'd been looking for for ages. That's so cool. Got to chat with an old friend. (Hi Patricia!)

This morning Kate was sitting on the couch playing and singing to herself. I wasn't really paying attention till I suddenly realized that she was singing the Barra MacNeils' "By the banks of the roses, my love and I sat down, and I took out my fiddle to play my love a tune..." I pointed it out to Doug ("Did you hear what she's singing?") and he was much astonished. We didn't even know she knew that song. I don't think we'd been listening to it recently. So then, of course, we had to put it on and sing along together. Good times.


Anonymous said...

=) I was hoping for a video ;)

Kathey said...

How precious. Yes, a video would be good, if you have a way to do that.

Love, Mom