Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Porch Painting

Kate has been enjoying painting the porch with water. My mom used to have us do this sometimes, when we were looking for something to do on summer afternoons. And hey, I've got lots of paintbrushes. I introduced Kate to the fine art of porch-painting this last week. Now she asks to go outside and asks for the brushes. Fun!

I realized that I forgot to take pictures of Kate on Monday (I'm still doing that, though I haven't been posting them every week) but these were taken on Sunday, so maybe that's close enough. Kate wasn't feeling great. I made some chicken and red lentils, which I've made before and Kate hasn't had any problems with (she likes it a lot!) but this time I put in some different spices and something apparently disagreed with her pretty strongly. I think she's feeling much better now.

Doug had his interview in Olympia. We should know in a week or so whether he gets to go back and interview with the president of the college.

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Gwyn said...

Okay, so are we to believe she wrote her name and drew that heart? LOL Of course, she's brilliant!

Good luck to Doug, too.