Wednesday, May 24, 2006

신태호--Have you seen this man?

신태호 In the summer of '96, after Doug and I got engaged and before we got married, I did a three-month internship at a publishing company in Seoul. There was a fellow who worked there named Shin Tae Ho. He was such a nice guy, and lots of fun to work with. Doug and I got to meet up with him and his wife a couple of times when we were there teaching English, but then we didn't keep in touch. Out of curiosity I typed his name into google (with my newfound mad Korean typing skills). I figured there would be quite a lot of men named Shin Tae Ho, but I tried an image search and up popped his picture! He's listed as an instructor at, but unfortunately I can't find anything there about emailing the company. Bummer. (I'll have to get somebody else to take a look at it for me--maybe I'm just missing something obvious.)

Maybe someday he'll google himself and find this entry.

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Gwyn said...

It could happen. A guy somehow came across an entry about our storytelling festival, recognized one of the tellers from our guild, and contacted me about her contact info. After checking with her, she was delighted to connect. He was an old friend from when she lived in New Mexico!

So it could happen!