Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Children's Day Digital Freebie

Tomorrow (May 5th) is Children's Day in Korea. Since I just figured out how to type in Korean, I thought I would make some word art for the occasion.

Here are six titles (one vertical) that say Children's Day ("orini nal") in Korean hangul, and a date with Chinese characters. It's a single png file, so you'll have to cut out the pieces you want. I hope this will be useful to somebody!

Click here to download the file (right-click and choose "save target as").


JDY said...

Thanks so much! This will be great for my Korean born son & Chinese born daughter!

Makita said...

These are great! Thank you. I have a friend that recently adopted a little guy from Korea. I'll have to surprise her with a LO (I don't think she scraps). :)

Thanks again.