Friday, August 05, 2005

Painting progress (and a bee)

Doug went out painting with me today. He doesn't have classes on Friday this quarter, so he gets to play with Kate and watch satellite TV on the big screen, and I (hopefully) get lots of painting done. I've been working on that tower too long. The lighting is a bit tricky but I've almost got it. There are a few more windows that I need to add, too. I haven't been painting this week because Sylvia had company. Next week should be better.

On the way out to Port Orchard, a bumble bee flew in our car window. I felt something tickle my hand and just brushed it off, and then I looked down and there was this bee crawling on me. (!!!) I was glad it was just a bumble bee and not a hornet or something. It was a few minutes before Doug could pull over (during which time it was crawling up my shoulder), and then I coaxed the bee out of the car. Poor thing looked a bit stunned. I've always kind of liked bumble bees, but have never really been forced into close acquaintance with one. (I tried to rescue a honey bee from a swimming pool once and the ungrateful thing stung me--see if I ever do that again!)

We left there at 8:00, and of course Kate fell asleep in the car, so her bedtime schedule got all messed up. We try to avoid that.


MarilynH said...

Helena!! Your painting is simply STUNNING!!!!!

Becky said...

Helena, you are amazing. That mural is wonderful!

April said...

Helena, its looking amazing!

I need to visit here daily for a dose of happy. That sidebar picture of Kate makes me smile.

Gwyn said...

It's looking awesome, Helena. I'm impressed!