Monday, August 15, 2005

Beach Baby

Today we escaped our hot apartment and fled to a nice shady spot on the beach. Kate was content for quite a while, sitting and watching all the people (and their dogs) going by, and experiencing all the new textures. She thought the sand was quite fascinating, but was less impressed by the cold water. Being an odd child, she doesn't automatically put everything that she finds in her mouth, but she likes to feel things (we call this "scrabbling," what she does with her little fingers) and she likes to hold things and wave them up and down. A stick, a piece of dried seaweed, and various rocks all brightened her beach experience. She also humored us and played along when we put Daddy's hat on her just to see how cute she was.


stace3 said...

I could just eat up her little legs and toes! She's so precious! Love the one of her and Doug with the water behind them.

kelly edgerton said...

Helena, I think Kate is so adorable. I just love seeing all these fun pictures of her. She looks like such a happy-go-lucky baby.

Gwyn said...

Now is this child cute or WHAT? Love the photos, especially this one with Doug and Kate in front of the waves.