Sunday, September 23, 2012

new dress (and a haircut)

I made another crochet top dress for Kate, using the yarn left over from my sweater.  I wanted the bodice to be shorter than the pink one that I made, but I crocheted it pretty loosely, so it stretches quite a bit with the weight of the skirt, and ended up being just as long.  I think the hang is nicer, though, and I like what I did with the skirt.  It's two tiers, and the bottom one is two full widths of the fabric.   

I love the fabric, and the whole thing looks good together, but after she wore it to church I realized it just isn't going to work right now. When she moves around her shirt rides up underneath, and then she gets this weird gap. So I either need to add something to the bottom of the shirt to keep it down, or just wait until next year and hope that it fits better when the bodice isn't quite so long on her.

I got Kate to model the dress for me along with her new haircut. With hair-brushing sessions becoming increasingly unpleasant, we decided a short cut was in order. (It ended up a little shorter than I was expecting, but it's cute!) Kate likes it, and we have a lot less trouble getting ready in the mornings. This is good.


Wingnut said...

LOVE the last two pics, especially! She's just a darling, beautiful girl. Good job Mom!

Barbie Mills said...

What a cute girl! The dress turned out very nicely! Too bad her shirt bunches up--maybe you can try shirt garters? Oh right, no socks to connect them too. I knew a couple of guys who LOVED those to keep shirts tucked in. I thought it was weird.

Good job!

Mimi said...

That last photo is fabulous!
Love the dress, that's really cute!