Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Sunshine


Mother's Day pics! We had a lovely sunny weekend, which makes the picture-taking a little tricky. We found some shade. (Those are the neighbor's flowers in the background.)


Trying to get Andy to look at the camera, I asked him, "Where are Daddy's eyes?" so then he had to point out my eyes. Ack!


Kate made this for me at school. Laminated for longevity!

After church and pictures I called my own mom, and then I had a nice long Mother's Day nap!


Mimi said...

Lovely photos and a lovely day!

Kathey said...

Love your pics and the picture that Kate made. :)

Barbie Mills said...

I think you pictures turned out well despite the sun! We forgot to take special pictures--oh well. Maybe next year.