Saturday, May 05, 2012

Children's Day Anniversaries

It's Children's Day! (in Korea.) Time for pictures in the park.

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the day I first arrived in Korea for my mission. (Still can't believe it's been that long.) It's also the fourth anniversary of the day I learned I was pregnant with Andy, which means Andy is the same age that Kate was when we found out we were expecting him. I've been feeling rather sentimental about this.

Kate says, "Do bunny ears on me, Mom!"


Andy gets some help across the stepping stones.

Running to the playground.

We went down to Chung Ki Wa in Lakewood for lunch, and I got some really yummy kimchi jjigae. I brought home the leftovers--judging from past experience, it should be even better the next day!

Andy has developed his own rice-and-kim technique. His concentration is very cute.

We all like kim! I brought four packages and it all got eaten. Yum.

In honor of the occasion, my BYU roommate Trish posted this picture of me opening my mission call:

I was on the phone with my parents in Ohio while opening it. I remember that when it first came I called home and Mom wasn't there, so I had to wait. Oh the torment. Mom talks about how she remembers me reading through it and saying "KOREA??!" It certainly was a life-changing experience. I'm glad to be able to commemorate these occasions, and lucky that my family will indulge my penchant for pictures and Korean food!


scrapper al said...

Love the photos with you and the kids!

Helen in Australia said...

Great photos. I love the one with the two of them walking away from you ... and the sunlight on the bridge ... and ... :-)