Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A is for Andy

Andy writes letters on the Magna-Doodle.  He'll write the whole alphabet in order now.  Some of his letters are endearingly wonky.

Last night Doug was writing things like "draw a circle," "draw a triangle," and Andy was reading it and doing it.  He is doing a little better with the talking thing--he chatters all the time, repeating things that he's memorized, but doesn't do much synthesizing to actually communicate verbally.  If there's something we want him to say we still have better luck writing it down and getting him to read it.  He sure is cute, though.  We love listening to him chatter and sing. 


wholarmor said...

That's good that he's writing and drawing. Jayden hasn't been into using writing utensils until this last year. And they did occupational therapy to help him with his grip on the pencils.

Mimi said...

That's so awesome, Go Andy!
Is he a lefty?

Helena said...