Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's go to the zoo!

What to do on a sunny Saturday morning? The zoo! Apparently everyone else had the same idea, as the place was pretty crowded. We have a zoo membership but hadn't been there for quite a while.

Andy was fascinated by these big letters. He had to "read" all of them.

Going down the otter slide!

We were just in time to catch the shark feeding, which was very cool.

Kate and Dad at the touch tank.

Coloring with Andy.

Tiger cubs Bima and Mali (with mother Jaya).  They were born last May.

The kids got a ride on the carousel.  Doesn't Andy look excited?  He was much less excited once it started moving.

The best part about having a zoo membership is that you can just stay for a couple of hours without feeling like you have to get your money's worth out of a visit.  We got there at about 10:00, and when we got hungry we left to get some lunch.  Doug had I Love Bento's number on his cell phone, so we called them from the zoo parking lot and our food was ready when we got there.  Awesome!

I love the way Andy is holding his chopsticks in one hand and eating with the other. (This is tofu from the miso soup--a big hit with both kids. We always ask for a miso soup with extra tofu.)

What to do after the zoo and lunch? A nap! What a great day.

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Heather T. said...

So sweet! We tried to go to the zoo when we had to stay in SeaTac for a conference, but it was closed the two days we could go. Pooh!