Friday, March 25, 2011

Searching Swag Bucks

One of the things that you do on Swag Bucks is use their search engine to win points randomly three or four times a day.    I generally try in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening.  And the "day" resets at midnight central time, so that's a good time to search too.  Most of the time you'll get between 7-11 points, though people do get more (the most I've gotten for a search is 14).  I've had good luck using it to just go to sites that I normally visit, like amazon or blogger, but I've also gotten wins just typing in random things. Like personal favorites ("Lois McMaster Bujold" and "the smell of sesame oil") or obscure pop culture references:

We have a weekly Swag Bucks thread on Two Peas to share tips.  Supposedly winning on the search engine is all in the timing and has nothing to do with what you search for,  but it's still amusing to post about our search wins. I had won with my own name a couple of times and posted about that, so then a few other people also won with "Helena Jole."  Later I tried "Peter Ahlstrom" (my brother's name) and won with that, so I posted about that too.

Several days later one friend posted, ""Helena is usually my winning search although today she didn't come through for me but I remembered her saying her brother often wins for her so I put in 'Helena Jole's brother' and that got it!!"  this sparked a whole rash of people winning with "Helena Jole's brother," which was absolutely hilarious.  I even got a win with "my brother."  Then a couple of days ago one lady got 53 points for "Helena Jole's brother." I didn't even know you could win that much for a search. She said "Give him a big hug from me next time you see him."

Here's my referral link incase anyone's interested. I've actually gotten $85 from Swag Bucks this month. ($75 in Amazon gift cards and $10 in PayPal.) Though a lot of that was from doing tasks, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend. It's not really a good use of time. I need to work on other things!


Kathey said...

what would happen if you tried Helena Jole's mother?

Helena said...

Just got 7 for "Helena Jole's mother." :)

scrapper al said...

I just won 10 Swag Bucks for searching your name. Thanks! :)

Sarah said...

Proudly saying it was me that started the whole "Helena Jole's brother" party over on the pod! It still makes me laugh when it works! lol!