Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andy at 15 months

Taken today! Check out those scrapes and bruises. He's a busy boy. Today he figured out how to climb onto the kitchen chairs. He wanted to continue his ascent onto the kitchen table, but was thwarted in the attempt.

I couldn't decide between these two pictures, so I just included both of them.

Kate was saying twenty or so words at 15 months. (I hear girls often start talking sooner.) Andy pretty much just says "hi." The other day Doug's cell phone rang, and Andy put his hand up to his ear and said, "Hi!" That was so cute. He's doing signs for "more," "all done," and "milk," and he understands things like "lie down" and "you want a bath?" He also likes to sit and look at books by himself. He'll turn the pages and say "dooka dooka dooka" over and over.

Andy is such a happy little guy and so fun to have around!


Heather T. said...

"Dooka dooka dooka"? *giggles* Total cutie! And great teeth!

Why am I here??? said...

is it just me or is he a spitting image of your husband?

Helena said...

He does have Daddy's chin. I think both kids look a bit like Doug's dad.

Kathey said...

I'd love to hear the dooka, dooka, dooka! :)

LDH said...

What a little cutie this one is! And your little dragon drawer, Kate is very sweet too!

So nice stopping by and getting to meet you! Nice place you have here.

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Kindly, ldh