Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kate at 15 months

I'm a bit behind here. I've been working on this layout since, oh, March 27th, actually. The trouble with scrapping digitally is that there are so many possibilities, and I just have this compulsion to keep playing around with it and trying out different things. But then, the nice thing is that I can always go back and change it later, if I want to.

The blue and reddish papers are from Ronnie McCray's "Maritime" kit. I made the large curve and stitching--I was rather pleased with the way it turned out.

Since hitting 15 months Kate has been changing even more. She learned how to turn around in a circle and make herself dizzy, and she's developed a penchant for pushing things. We went up to Ikea last week and she was pushing around one of their little kid-sized shopping carts and just having a great time. Now she keeps wanting to push other things--the stroller when we go to the park, the big shopping carts at Fred Meyer, and even the rocking chair, which doesn't push very well.

Kate also has a new word, and that word is "meema." It means snowman. Over the Christmas season she had this thing about snowmen--everywhere we went, if there was a snowman decoration somewhere, she would spot it. Maybe it's their bright carrot noses (she does like carrots), or their cheerful expressions. You don't see snowmen around so much in April, but Kate does have a couple of books that have have snowmen in them, and she just started saying "meema" a few days ago. There's also somebody on Two Peas who has a snowman blinkie in her signature, so when Kate's sitting on my lap when I'm reading the message board, she'll point suddenly at the screen and say "meema!" and I'll scroll back up and see that I just went past the snowman.

I have a little Gingerbread Man book by Richard Scarry. It was given to me by one of my roommates at BYU. In the front she wrote, "This is to help you remember the gingerbread groundhogs." As it happens, I don't remember the gingerbread groundhogs, but Kate has been enjoying the book. Doug reads it to her (with humorous ad-libbing), and he has a little song that he does for the "Run run, fast as you can" part. Now when Kate sees a picture of a gingerbread man, she points at it and starts singing the little song. ("La, la, la.") It's just the cutest thing.

We do have one book, a little book of colors (which I can't find right now, but I'm sure it's around here somewhere), that has a snowman on the white page and a gingerbread man on the brown page. What fun.


Erin said...

She's so goregous!

Holly said...

What a cutie, Helena! I love the little words she uses. Olivia has an obsession with snowmen too...not unlike her mommy! ;o)

~**Dawn**~ said...

when i was her age, i was obsessed with teh song "Frosty the Snowman" and this wind-up snowman my grandma had that played that song as the snowman revolved. be warned. that obsession never went away. ihave a wonderful collection of snowmen that come out every winter--inside only though. they wouldn't do well outside in the FL "winter". ;-)