Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I got Kate registered for Kindergarten yesterday. Whoa. They had an open house earlier this week, so we went over and saw the kindergarten rooms and met the teachers. One of them does a lot of art projects with the kids. Her room was festooned with windsocks that the kids had decorated with apple prints. She said that later they do fish prints with real fish. When I took in the completed registration papers I requested her for Kate.

I'm feeling an urge to get things done. Besides the school stuff yesterday, we also got our tax things together, and I hand-washed a couple of skirts that needed it (this takes a while). Today I cleaned window tracks and washed the kitchen curtains. The window tracks generate a disturbing black sludge. Ick. Perhaps there are places where window tracks do not generate this sludge--maybe it's special Pacific Northwest sludge. I ended up having to bleach the curtains, which seems to have worked. I shall have to institute a regular window-track cleaning schedule.

Lots more to do! Forward momentum!


Mimi said...

Kindergarten registration already! Wow!
And, yes, I think it is a special PNW thing.

Heather T. said...

Good for you on the window tracks! How do you manage to get it clean? Mine always seem to have stuff hanging around... =/

Kristen said...

what school did you choose to attend

aaron&marianne said...

yay kindergarten! she will be so great there and i think she will love it!

Wingnut said...

I simply cannot fathom the idea that Kate is [ ] this close to kindergarten! Wow! Both of my kids had a teacher who did the fish prints on t-shirts. I can't remember what year though? Maybe 4th grade, as I know that's one of the teachers they both had.

Barbie said...

Glad the bleach worked. Our version of window track sludge is quite a bit drier.

Wow, I guess she is 5 now. I hope she gets that teacher, I bet that would be a good fit.

Kathey said...

I really hope Kate gets the artsy teacher too. :D

Yay for forward momentum.

Qwendykay said...

I cannot believe you get to request a teacher and do a tour for Kindergarten.

I had to stand in LINE to register AK, jump through 12 hoops on one foot, perform 3 magic tricks for bored 5th graders, sing the national anthem backwards, and sign away my rights forever.

I really need to move out of California!